How to say I love you the Give as you Live way

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Whilst some of you may roll your eyes and begin to spout arguments around manufactured holidays, there are still those out there that simply regard it as a yearly reminder to say, “I love you”.

As a tip from our team to you, if your better half believes in Valentine’s Day but you don’t, this is not a holiday to take a stand on. Instead, take the stand that if you’re going to buy your loved one flowers and chocolates, you may as well do some good for those in need as well.

With Give as you Live you can turn every bouquet of roses, every card and every box of chocolates into a free donation for your favourite cause. And for those of you that embrace this holiday of love, if you plan to propose on the 14th, we can even help you raise funds for charity when you buy that all important diamond ring.

  • Flower Card will donate up to 9% of all cards and flowers you buy this Valentine’s Day, and any day you feel like sending a bouquet.
  • The Chocolate Trading Company will delight any sweet tooth and will donate up to 3.5% of any gift.
  • Diamond Manufactures will donate up to 3.5% of anything you buy to your favourite cause.

Valentine’s Day can be lovely when it helps someone else. And we don’t know anyone who can say no to that!