How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions


Have you made any New Year’s resolutions, but already finding it hard to stick to them? Us too, those doughnuts are just calling our name!

No worries, some of our stores have just the thing to help. Take a look below and not only stick to your resolution, but raise money for your charity, at no extra cost, by shopping with Give as you Live.



Get fit

Banish that post-Xmas belly and trim up this year. There are lots of ways you can get fit and healthy…

–          Join a gym: La Fitness donate £0.50 for every new sign up

–          Check out our top 5 fitness DVDs

–          Take a look at top tips for sticking to your diet

Quit smoking

Kick the habit and enjoy the benefits of not smoking, such as saving money, increased energy and reducing your chances of cancer. E-Lites can help you along the way with their range of electronic cigarettes and you can donate 10% of your spend to your charity, at no extra cost.

Get out of debt

Join the millions of people  who have resolved to spend this year getting a handle on their finances. There are many stores that can help in our finance section such as BREAD card, where you only spend what you have loaded on the card.

Learn something new

There are many benefits to learning something new – self esteem, personal growth, uncovering hidden talents, but most of all fun! Learn a new language with Rosetta Stone and donate 5% to your charity at no extra cost.

Get organised

Think how much time you’d have spare if you got organised- we have the top 5 products to help you including a trusty Filofax that will raise money for your charity.