I live in Firefox

My whole life is online. I work online; I shop online; I stay in touch with family and friends online. No matter where I am in the world, my Mac is my connection to home and clients.

I believe in giving back to charity, so when I learnt about Give as you Live a few months back, I was interested to learn more. But the trouble was I’m just not an Internet Explorer kind of guy.

Work takes me around the world. I fly a lot. When I was told Give as you Live would allow me raise money for Cancer Research UK just by booking my flights online I was impressed. But I wasn’t willing to cave in using IE to do it.

I’ve just downloaded Give as you Live for Firefox. Now, Give as you Live sits next to Salesforce.com, Gmail and my colleagues’ calendars in my toolbar. I simply don’t have to think about it. I know I buy and book things online. I know I want to give to charity. And I know now with Give as you Live I only have to hit ‘yes’ to make this happen.

Smart. Simple. Done.

Mike, from Bristol