It pays to be Stylish

Name: Andrea Boden
Profession: Development and Communications
Location: North West London
Bio: Andrea is the UK Development Officer for Romance Academy – a nationally focused; relationships and sex education charity that equips adults talk to young people about the hot topics. Her favourite food is, chicken, rice and peas Jamaican-style and her favourite place is the beach. There was only ever the electric kind in her hometown of Birmingham.

My Give as you Live Experience:
Those who know the ladies of Romance Academy well know that we are hugely into clothes. We could lie and say it’s because a large proportion of our job is public/client/youth facing but actually, we just have a slight addiction. I say we, I mean I have a slight addiction to online shopping. Oh, the convenience! No pram bashing or endless queuing, just my bedroom and an age to decide if I really need another pair of shoes.

So understandably, I am thrilled about Give as you Live. Doing what I do anyway, whilst raising money for a cause I’m passionate about means (almost) guilt-free shopping.

I’ve just created an account and bought my first item from Dorothy Perkins: “A blue floral print choker dress.” Ta da.

Not sure if I really needed it to be fair. Especially in light of the weather we are currently experiencing but it was sale bargain at £10. I think that means that, so far, I have raised £0.40p? Not too shoddy considering it didn’t cost me any more to buy. Also, whilst I’m still not part of a ‘clothes-shopping-anonymous’ group, I am free to repeat the experience each time the urge takes hold, providing there is money in my account*

*Romance Academy does not support getting into debt even if it does raise money for our fantastic work.