Lounge on the Farm- Wellies and Parkas- Sunglasses and Ice creams

Wow. So I’m finally recovered from Lounge on the Farm festival and can now tell you all about it!

Lounge on the Farm is a music festival in Canterbury, which has grown bigger and bigger each year and after visiting, it’s obvious why.

Me and my friend Angus entered a competition and won VIP tickets- so embarked on a 4 hour journey to the other side of the country last weekend.

As we we’re driving there, it torrentially rained so much that we had to stop at a service station because I couldn’t see where I was driving. Luckily I had bought a trusty parka and some wellies from Topshop, with Give as you Live of course, that raised £2.58 for RSPB.

As we arrived, the sun started shining down and I even broke a sweat putting up the tent, can you believe it! I didn’t even need my parka- but the wellies- yes- it was quite muddy.

The festival was fantastic- highlights include the band The Wombats, and DJ’s Caspa and Netsky. The location was amazing, it’s set on a working farm and it was lovely that the British Summer decided to show its face- of course dubbed with the usual sprinkle of showers.

Check out some of our pictures below, are you off to any festivals this year?