Love the long weekends

Love the long weekends

Four day weekends are so productive. The beautiful weather makes the days and nights even more seductive for socialising. But the great thing with four days off is that there’s still plenty time to relax and to get through that list of chores that always get missed on regular weekends.

My chores included a fair of amount of overdue vital family shopping. So armed with my payment card I set off determinedly for a shopping trip in my shorts and flip-flops from our garden hammock. That’s the way to go shopping.

First stop was sorting out our kitchen. Our cooker has seen better days. In order to keep the temperature up I have to remember to wedge a chair against the door to keep heat in – otherwise nothing quite cooks as it should. Once I started to look for a replacement I realized that the dimensions of our current cooker come from an earlier era of inches and not cm as it’s definitely not a regular size – however Appliances Direct have a great sort by size facility that meant I narrowed the selection down quickly and found a Belling that fitted the bill along with a ceramic hob and a fan oven. Masterchef here I come. Next weekend I will have to learn to cook all over again with an oven that has a constant temperature.

Second requirement was a dishwasher – the current one has lost the will to live and no longer leaves dishes clean. That was easier to locate again on Appliances Direct as it was a regular size. Both are being delivered, fitted and the old ones taken away on Friday this week. How civilized.

Next stop summer clothes. Our four year old daughter has grown significantly and nothing in her wardrobe fits, and I’m off to a wedding so definitely a good excuse for a new dress. My daughter Claudia joined me on the hammock and we set of to Boden, The White Company and Debenhams. Pretty dresses, night dresses, t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits in a size 5-6 years were selected by Claudia who has a very strong opinion over what she will and won’t wear. Pink, orange and green are definitely her choice of colours for this summer. Equally she’s very clear over my dress selection – fingers crossed she’s got it right. We went for a black and white silk shift dress – not sure I will look as glamorous as Kate and Will’s guests though.

Finally we have enjoyed our two long weekends in the UK, but we have decided to go away to visit friends in Ireland for the next bank holiday at the end of May – so off to Expedia to book flights. Flights to Dublin booked and confirmed, we’re off.

One hour later, all done. Definitely poorer but no stress, no parking problems and over £35 raised for two great causes, The Orpheus Centre and the Starlight Foundation. That’s my kind of shopping.
Looking forward to parcels arriving and the next long weekend.