Meet Alexa, the Perfect Home Assistant

Amazon calls Alexa the ‘brain’ of the Amazon Echo Dot and Echo. The idea is that you can ask Alexa almost anything and she will respond. Alexa updates automatically through the cloud and is said to continually learn, adding new skills and functionality. But what could Alexa do for you specifically?


Alexa’s entertainment and music function allows you to listen to tunes from a range of services such as Spotify Premium, TuneIn and Amazon Music.

There’s also entertainment on offer in the form of games and jokes. Alexa could become the ideal companion to your next night in, whether you choose Amazon Echo, an Amazon Fire TV or another Alexa device.

If news and information are your thing, Alexa can also keep you up to date. You can use Flash Briefing to make your own line-up from various news sources such as The Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC. You can also use it for traffic and weather information as well as for sports scores and schedules.

More Uses…

Alexa’s uses do not end there, as she can also help you with everything from the answers to everyday questions to timers and alarms to help you around the house, shopping and list functions, calendars and a smart home assistant. How about being able to turn on your bedroom lamp from the comfort of your bed or turning on your heater without having to lift a finger?

Buying Options…

Of course, Amazon is likely to be one of your first ports of call when looking for an Alexa device. Here you can pick up a black Amazon Echo for £149.99 or a second-generation Amazon Echo Dot for just £49.99.

Amazon is far from the only stockist that could provide you with your Alexa meeting, however. Relevant retailers selling Alexa-inspired products include the likes of Tesco Direct, which has an Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa Assistant for £149, Argos which has a dedicated Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Shop and John Lewis, where a Fire Stick with Alexa will set you back £39.95.