Mobile Fundraising – The next big thing?

A new mobile fundraising App has become available in the UK. This App, developed by Artez Interactive, could prove to be very useful to both charities and supporters.

It provides a new channel of fundraising and an opportunity for people to make secure donations on-the-go. It enables full integration of Facebook, Twitter, email and the iPhone address book, which provides a quick and easy way for fundraisers to send sponsorship messages.

The App also has the following functionalities:

  • Being able to view background information about the charity
  • Allowing fundraisers to monitor the progress of their efforts
  • Allowing people to view and post messages on the message board
  • Add dates to calendars and view maps of event locations
  • Tracking and analysis

3,700 participants downloaded the App during the pilot stage, and several UK charities are now completing a trial run. So what do we think…? Is mobile fundraising the next big thing in the charity sector?