Mobile Madness or a Great Idea to Make Fashion Available to All?

street-boutiqueThere’s really nothing that can beat the convenience of buying your Saturday night outfit or new fabulous furry winter coat online, but in America an increasing number of fashion gurus are cashing in on a niche in the market. They are serving those people who want to feel the products in their hands before reaching for their purses or wallets but do not have the time or the inclination to head down to the high street.

A couple of decades ago, it was quite normal to have a grocery van, fish and chip truck and ice cream van regularly parking in your street, and now it seems that if we follow the American example, we could soon have mobile clothes shops turning up outside our doors. Lia Lee is delivering fashion to doorsteps in Virginia already thanks to her Street Boutique truck. Lia is not the only shop owner doing clothes and jewellery trading on the move. There are now many operating across the States, so it seems likely that the trend is likely to catch on over here.

For Lia and other mobile fashion store owners, it is the ideal business if you want unlimited flexibility and to work from a different location every day. Meanwhile, customers can find out where their favourite shops are going to be by logging on to social networking sites, or they can enjoy the unexpected thrill of coming across a place to buy yet more shoes whilst simply walking to work.


The shops already operating are generally really comfortable inside and do not feel a million miles away from your usual bricks-and-mortar fashion store. Think of a tiny Topshop, where you never have to move more than a few steps to reach out and feel the products you like. You generally won’t see handbags and jewellery hanging from a dashboard in your local New Look store, however.

The size of these trucks makes for great pickings for local fashionistas. The owners of these businesses do not generally buy in bulk, which means you could find almost a completely different collection on offer from one week to the next. This is great news for your wardrobe, although not necessarily as beneficial to your bank balance. Think about how much you could save by not having to drive into a town and pay a small fortune to park your car, however. That’s got to be about the price of that lovely silk scarf you really have to buy, surely?