Must Have Nespresso Coffee Machines


Few things start the day as pleasantly as a really good cup of coffee. In the UK, it once used to be difficult to get an excellent coffee blend at home — one of the same quality as people in Italy and other coffee-loving nations were used to. Regular instant coffee was the theme of the day, and the finest blends were reserved for that coffee house treat on your way to and from work.

However, times have changed and products such as the Nespresso coffee machine now make it easy to whip up the most luxurious and tasty coffees at home, using high-quality beans and expert technology that make it easy.

These coffee machines are also really good for making a variety of coffee drinks, whether you prefer cappuccino, moccachino or latte. All you need to do is select your coffee granule capsule and add it to the machine with water, and the magic will begin to occur. The scent of those freshly brewing beans is just incredible! Every capsule contains the finest beans, prepared in the most traditional of ways. You’ll really taste and smell the difference.

You don’t need to worry about a Nespresso coffee machine taking up valuable counter space in your kitchen, either, as they are incredibly compact and small in size. They also come in a wide range of colours and are incredibly stylish in design, as is to be expected from Italian aesthetics. You’ll no doubt want to show yours off to visitors, and there are great accessories such as coffee capsule holders and dispensers to add to your collection. The colourful capsules really do look quite beautiful when on display. Just don’t end up constantly fielding coffee-making requests from an endless stream of sudden visitors!


Krups XN300540 Nespresso Coffee Machine (Titanium)


If you thought you didn’t have the space for a proper coffee machine and were forever consigned to drinking instant it’s time to think again. The Krups XN300540 Nespresso Coffee Machine is known as the ‘Pixie’ and you can understand why. Its compact dimensions means it won’t take up much room on your worktop and its stylish looks means you won’t want to hide it away in a cupboard. Three different colours are available to suit your decor and built-in cable storage and a used cartridge container keeps it nice and tidy too.

Thanks to faster heating technology using a thermoblock system and 19 bar pressure, from switching the machine on to getting a cup of coffee takes just 25 seconds, so there’s no excuse for missing out on a proper coffee even if you’re running late. Compare Prices >>


Krups Inissia Nespresso Coffee Machine (White)


The Krups Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine is designed to deliver a perfect cup of coffee every time you use it. What’s more, its compact, stylish design won’t look out of place in even the trendiest kitchen. It comes in a range of colours too, so it can stand out or blend in as you choose.

The Inissia uses Nespresso pods, which make the process clean and convenient with one-touch operation. The machine has a patented extraction system that delivers up to 19 bar pressure at a precise temperature. The thermoblock technology makes sure the water is at the perfect temperature for good coffee in just 25 seconds, with the added benefit of reducing scaling. Compare Prices >>

Krups XN730540 Citiz & Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine (Red)


Modern gadgetry is making everything easier. You can write a long, heartfelt ‘letter’ then send it instantly by email, or consult the internet while out and about on your mobile. Coffee making hasn’t been left behind by the march of technology. Once you either went to an overpriced coffee shop, spent extra time and effort making proper coffee for yourself, or settled for instant.

The Krups XN730540 and the Nespresso system let you brew fine, delicious espressos almost instantly with the minimum of effort. Automatic modes have carefully-calculated pressure, temperature and brewing time while programmable settings let you customise your coffee with ease. Compare Prices >>


Magimix M190 Citiz & Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine (Black) (11300)


The Magimix M190 Citiz & Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine is a stylish, ultra-modern addition to your kitchen. It produces delicious high-quality coffee for a breakfast wake-up, lunchtime complement or evening pick-me-up.

A coffee machine is likely to be one of those appliances that stays on display in a permanent worktop home. Magimix understand that you don’t want some ugly lump of machinery cluttering up your kitchen, however delicious the coffee it makes. The M190 coffee machine comes in stylish black with silver accents, and boasts a sleek, modern design that incorporates distinctly retro influences. Compare Prices >>


Magimix U & Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine (Black) (11344)


The Magimix U & Milk Nespresso Coffee Machine in black harnesses this innovative capsule based-system to bring you the finest espressos at home. Thanks to the advanced technology at play, this takes barely more effort than it would take to knock up a cheap instant brew.

The modern touch interface allows you to personalise many of the settings to your own tastes, so you get not just a cup of coffee but your perfect cup of coffee. There are also three cup sizes, ranging from 25ml Ristretto through 40ml Espreso up to 110ml Lungo. Compare Prices >>


Magimix Pixie Nespresso Coffee Machine (Aluminium) (11322)


In order to bring you fine, precisely-brewed coffee without the labour-intensive effort of the traditional brewing process, the Magimix Pixie employs the latest technological wizardry. As well as using the advanced, easy, capsule-based Nespresso system, it employs a 19 bar pressure pump and precisely-controlled temperatures and brewing times to take full advantage of the fine ingredients contained in the capsules.

Even the maintenance process is made easier by technology, thanks to a semi-automatic descaling program. A power-saving mode automatically kicks in after a few minutes to help the environment and minimise your electricity bill. Compare Prices >>


DeLonghi EN520.R Lattissima Nespresso Coffee Machine (Red)

delonghi-en520.r-nespresso-coffee-machine-redThe Lattissima Nespresso Machine from Delonghi not only brews some of the best coffee you are likely to find anywhere, but boasts a lot of extra feaures both big and small. With the latest technology, temperature and other settings can be finely controlled to match the perfect brew to your tastes.

The detachable milk carafe can be stored in the fridge between uses, and can be automatically cleaned with a single button press. After brewing, the used capsules are ejected into the integrated tank, making disposal neat and easy. Compare Prices >>