Must-see movies this August

If you’re finally fed up of BBQs and in need of other entertainment, why not plan a trip to the cinema?

These must see movies are all out now or coming soon, grab a Cineworld gift card from WHSmith and raise funds for your charity next time you see a movie, at no extra cost with Give as you live. 

FMUMonsters University (one to take your kids to)

It’s more than ten years since we first saw these cute little monsters and now Pixar is treating us to a prequel. It turns out monsters aren’t born scary – they have to learn!

Mike (the eyeball) and Sulley (the furry one) are on a mission to become scary and even though Mike’s a swot and Sulley’s lazy and arrogant they somehow become friends along the way.

This is classic Pixar, entertaining for both adults and children.

“A funny, furry entry for kids yet to experience the horrors of tertiary education, or the disappointment of dashed dreams.” Anton Bitel, Film4

FAPAlan Partridge: Alpha Papa (if you fancy a laugh)

The notorious Alan Partridge, responsible for so many face-palms, is now on the big screen and somehow he’s become a siege negotiator charged with talking down a madman and saving hostages. That’s not easy for someone who spends so much time with his foot in his mouth!

If you like your jokes to be cringe-worthy this is just the ticket. It’s a 15 certificate though so don’t bring the kids.


“Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge remains his awful self in this hilarious, ramped-up, utterly English comedy thriller”- The Guardian

fcThe Conjuring (for scares)

A secluded farmhouse makes a great location for a haunting! This film is based on a true story of two paranormal investigators who are called to help a household suffering from demonic possession. Will the demons win, or will the family survive?

As with all good horror flicks, the fear and violence escalates to keep viewers jumping – keep a tight grip on your popcorn!

“Can a haunted house still be frightening? This surprise American hit of the summer, which out-grossed every blockbuster it was up against, delivers spectacular reassurance that it can.” The Daily Mail

fk2Kick-Ass 2 (for action and laughs)

Remember that guy who pretended to be a superhero and the 11-year-old assassin? That was Kick-Ass (featuring Hit Girl), a 2010 film based on the comic series of the same name. This month they’re back, a little older, but just as funny and violent.

Hit Girl wants to retire and be ‘normal’ and Kick-Ass is in danger from his old friend-turned-enemy Red Mist. This film has a lot of swearing but it’s very entertaining too!

“Jim Carrey has famously refused to promote this film – not on the grounds that he’s in it for only about half an hour, during which time he’s as dull and unfunny as the rest of the picture, but because he feels it trivialises violence.” The Daily Mail