My Easter Retreat

I have two brothers. I’m used to being teased, poked, antagonised and forced to play my brothers’ favourite game – who can make Erin into a smaller ball? I’m also 30. Some things never change…

We now live scattered all over the world and only see each other a few times a year. I miss them. Even the teasing.

This June I’m getting married. I am the first of us kids to make this commitment, so in our family it’s a pretty big deal.

I can’t tell you how touched I was when my brothers suggested that before my wedding we three take a long weekend to meet up and have some time together – just us.

We’ve planned a weekend together in Montreal, a middle point for all three of us. Over Easter we’re going to laugh, eat, drink and hopefully not play the smaller ball game. But something tells me I’m still going to be outnumbered on that one.

I’ve always been an Everyclick Search user and love raising free money when I search. I’m now equally impressed that just by shopping online I can raise even more money for free with Give as you Live.

I booked my flights with Canadian Affair and raised almost £5 for MSF – a cause I care deeply about. To start the Easter weekend off on a sweet note, I’ve packed a few eggs for Scott and Jeremy. I bought them through Cadbury Gift Direct and added more funds to my total raised for MSF.

Growing up with brothers taught me a thing or two about thinking on my feet, sticking up for myself and being smarter if you can’t be stronger. I’m so excited to see them in just a few days, and I am even happier knowing that our reunion will benefit MSF too. Even if I do end up in a ball.