My first couple of months with Give as you Live, by Tanya Barrow

mummy barrow

I have been using Give as you Live for just over a month now and what a busy month it has been! May is the birthday month for my husband, my dad and my eldest daughter who just turned 18.

It is also one of my busiest months workwise so, as always, all shopping is done online as I don’t have time to dash from shop to shop. And actually never have any idea which shop to head to so this month the Give as you Live front page has been my first port of a call.

At a glance I was able to see over 2,000 shops who have all signed up to donate a percentage of my spending to Victim Support, my chosen good cause.

Buying just one present for my dad at Red Letter Days I earned £8.12! With one transaction. Their percentage is a whopping 8.5%!!!

My daughter’s main present was bought a while ago before we knew about Give as you Live, but all her birthday cards, wrapping and “little extras” earned a similar amount. Shopping at Red5 for presents for Mr B raised £5.02.

I also stocked up on my favourite products from Clarins when they signed up this month, raising £1.91. That might not sound like a huge amount of money but it does soon add up, believe me. Some of my smaller transactions have earned just 10p. But 10p is still better than nothing. That covers the expenses of a phone call to a client for Victim Support.

So in just over a month my account is showing that I have earned £27. Whilst sitting in front of my computer!

Nearly £30 just by doing the shopping I would normally be doing this month, all from the comfort of my office. I haven’t had to put on my trainers, or badger cash strapped friends for sponsorship money.

I wanted to earn Victim Support £100 this year and I am certainly on target to do that! Wouldn’t you like to do the same for a cause close to your heart?

If you would like to help me reach my target please visit my store front, and click ‘Discover’.