Bread Bin Heaven

When my trusted old bread bin sadly collapsed and made its way to the recycling truck this month the family was catapulted into domestic turmoil within days; messy polythene packets on the work top became annoying almost immediately. But after the loss of a packet of crumpets and a loaf of bread to a helpful Labrador it was time to get a new one.

The thought of having to drive to a shopping centre, make this purchase and then to have to carry this bulky item home with me, filled me with dread and where was I going to find the time.

No need to worry I have the Give as you Live App so at the end of a long day racing around London, feeding teenagers and walking dogs, I took 5 minutes to type the magic words ‘Bread Bin’ into Google. An extensive selection of Bread Bins appeared in the App on the left of my screen, an immediate comparison shopping experience before my eyes that enabled me to make a donation to my favourite charity, Ovarian Cancer Action, when I bought my new Bread Bin from Heals.

I realised that in resolving this family crisis I had actually had a really ‘cool’ shopping experience that really can make a difference to the charity I care so much about.

Once you start using Give as you Live you realise quickly how addictive it can be and in the last few weeks I have generated almost £40, on items that I was going to buy anyway, that’s an average of 2.5% of the purchase price, which the retailer will donate to the charity I choose at no extra cost.

As a cancer survivor myself I know just how important it is to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Action. Now my shopping will make a contribution to the funding of their great work and that will help to save the lives of women who will have to walk the same path as me.

Medical research into Cancer saved my life so the money I can raise for charity will go towards giving more people like me a second chance. So no more wasting my Saturday mornings in a queue for a shopping centre, no more stress over parking and no more carrying heavy bags to the car. It’s Give as you Live for me!

Suki G