New Home Gifts

Name: Jessica Savage
Profession: Social Media & Design
Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Bio: Jessica is 20 years old and lives in Cheltenham with her boyfriend and dog.
Jess loves anything creative and is often taking on craft projects at home or searching the world for weird and wonderful things.

My Give as you Live Experience:
Being the first of my friends to move out is pretty hard sometimes. Everyone’s always inviting us out, but we just don’t have the money.

Luckily, some more of our good friends are joining us in fleeing the nest and moving in just down the road, so we can all enjoy being poor together!

When I moved out, my friend Sofi bought me some beautiful vintage teacups and saucers – she’s amazing at finding little bargains tucked away in charity shops, so I want to return the favour to her.

I am looking for something online because I can’t be bothered to spend these sunny days in and out of shops, when I could be soaking up the sunshine. Plus, I’m rubbish at finding gems in junk shops, unlike her.

We both love drinking tea and eating cake, so I want to get her something for our ‘tea time’ dates. I was looking online at Urban Outfitters and found a gorgeous cake stand in a regency style which I know she’ll love.

Now we can spend our nights making cakes to put on this beautiful stand, instead of spending money going out. It did set me back £40.00, but because I bought it through Give as you Live, I raised £1.20 for Tommy’s who I’m running a marathon for in October.

So I’ll let Sofi know that although I didn’t find it in a charity shop, I still donated to charity which will make the present even better. Cake Stand + Charity Donation= One yummy present.

Jess S