New trend: Social barbecueing

For a completely different way to cook outdoors, try the hot new trend for social barbecuing. A fantastic fusion of al fresco dinner party and campfire cookout, it gathers everyone around a tabletop charcoal grill so they can cook their own food, exactly the way they like it.

Just bring delicious, grill-ready food to the table and hand round the tongs and skewers – everyone gets to choose their favourite and then flame-grill their own feast.

Whatever the size of your garden or your party, and whether you’re entertaining at home or heading out to spend a night under the stars, there’s a social barbecue in our range to suit and make sure everyone can get involved.

For more information on what type of BBQ you should buy this Summer, fab recipes and tips and tricks to becoming master of the grill, head over to Lakeland.

Top 3 Social Barbecues
BARBECOOK® Tabletop BBQ, £129.99

  • Everyone can get involved in barbecuing their food
  • Double-walled ceramic bowl with heatproof silicone feet stays cool on the table
  • 4 pairs of bamboo tongs
  • Smoke-free fuel tab included for 1 hour of cooking time

  • thesocialgrill
    The Social Grill, £99

  • A sociable way to barbecue food
  • Everyone gets to cook exactly what they want
  • Heat-resistant tray protects your outdoor table
  • Large enough to cater for up to 6 people
  • Made from durable carbon steel

  • thurus
    THÜROS® Tabletop grill, £79.99

  • Stainless steel tabletop barbecue
  • Base stays cool so can be placed anywhere
  • Air vents low down allow charcoal to burn efficiently
  • Lower tray lifts out for cleaning
  • Ideal for use in the garden or camping

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