One Little Egg

Whilst browsing the Twitter sphere, we came across a great idea, One Little Egg – it is a fundraising initiative to raise money and awareness for The British Hen Welfare Trust. One Little Egg started with a single egg and up- trading it in order to get something unique and amazing to auction off with all proceeds going to the charity.

So far the egg has been swapped all the way up to an £125 gift voucher for Red Letter Days, which we swapped for a night in a Welsh Guest House because we loved the fundraising idea so much. Of course, we bought it through Give as you Live so it also raised £8.51 for the trust.

Do you have anything you could swap? It could be anything, although the more unique and unusual it is, the better! One Little Egg is always looking to trade up so if you think it’s bigger and better than the item they have at the moment, please email

Art, a car, a year on a desert island, time in a recording studio, something handmade, a day of your skills, event tickets, lunch with a celebrity friend… the list of things you can offer is endless.

Help rescue battery farm chickens and let them live a happier life with The British Hen Welfare Trust, please visit to donate.

We wish One Little Egg the best of luck, happy swapping!

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    Stephen Fry swaps with One Little Egg, a great fundraising initiative | Give as you Live Blog™ Powered by Everyclick

    24 June, 2011 at 17:23

    […] may remember we posted about a great little fundraising initiative called One Little Egg a while back. One Little Egg started with a single egg, people would then take turns to up trade or […]

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