Philanthropy Review report – what about technology and innovation?

A hot topic for the third sector today is the Philanthropy Review report, which aims to increase charity giving and promote philanthropy in the UK. This review has stemmed from slashed government funding and the decline in donations from the general public.

The report is extremely important and the initiatives outlined, such as increasing education in schools and simplifying payroll giving, are great steps in the right direction. But, it’s also crucial to maximise technology and innovation for the third sector. Online shopping provides an opportunity to create new revenue streams for charities. This is captured through initiatives built by Everyclick, and thousands of people have already embraced a new way to shop online through Give as you Live, which redirects funds to UK charities. The App enables anyone who shops online to easily give more, without spending any more and allows philanthropy to be more accessible on a daily basis.

We welcome the Philanthropy Review and hope it becomes successful, but technological factors should also be taken into account, as they could make a world of difference to the third sector.

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    7 July, 2011 at 12:32

    […] Philanthropy Review Report outlined ideas such as better education of fundraising in schools and making payroll giving easier […]

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