Protect Your Pout as the Days Turn Colder

The end of summer does not mean that it’s time to stop smiling, but it does mean that it is more essential than ever to take care of your lips. Harsh winter winds can leave your pout cracked and flaky — not a good look for men or women.

Lips do not produce any natural oils, so it is essential that you give them the right conditioning if you want to maintain a perfect pout. Use lip balm regularly throughout the day to counteract the drying effects of harsh weather and central heating.


Try Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tin, available from Life & Looks. This is a great natural product which uses sunflower oils, lanolin and coconut to keep your lips looking and feeling beautiful. What’s more, it comes in a handy little tin that will fit perfectly in a purse, handbag or pocket.

If you suffer from particularly dry and flaky lips, smother them with balm or a thick moisturiser such as Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream, available from Debenhams, and then use a flannel or soft toothbrush to buff away dead skin. Finish with another good layer of balm.

Avoid flavoured lip balms, as these can actually cause more problems than they solve. You will be tempted to keep licking your lips, undoing all the good that the balm is supposed to do. Instead, choose a product such as Ruby & Millie’s Lip Base, which will give your lips a natural sheen as well as conditioning and protecting your pout.

For a great all-round product, suitable for even the most sensitive of lips, check out the Dr Hauschka Lip Care Stick, available from John Lewis, or ladies can opt for a balm and lipstick combination such as Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm from Chemist Direct.