Remember Remember the 5th of November! Prepare for your Firework night with Give as you Live

The 5th November, also known as ‘Bonfire Night’, is the date remembered since 1605, when The House of Lords was under threat by a group of conspirators, including Guy Fawkes. Bonfires were set alight to celebrate the safety of the King.

Since then, people have celebrated bonfire night, by either attending a local event or holding their own party at home. We’ve selected some essentials that you will need if you’re staying at home this Saturday, shop now and prepare for your Firework night with Give as you Live.

Sky Lanterns
Sky lanterns are the perfect thing to have if you are holding a bonfire night at home. They are a softer and quieter alternative to fireworks. These ones are £2.99 from Camping World, and they will donate up to 5% to the charity of your choice.
Sparklers are essential for firework night, and are suitable for all ages, although adult supervision is required for young children. These ones can be bought from Angels Fancy Dress who will donate up to 5.5% to your favourite cause.
Hot chocolate
5th November is generally a chilly night out so hot chocolate is a ‘must’ in my opinion. This caramel flavoured hot chocolate look delicious. Whittard of Chelsea will donate up to 6% to the charity of your choice.
Marsh Mellows
And to go with the hot chocolate… Yummy Marsh mellows! They can also be eaten warm and toasted. A quarter of will donate up to 3% to your favourite cause.
Mini hottie hand warmer
Keep your hands warm this Firework night by using this mini hottie hand warmer. You’ll be glad of it when you’ve spent the evening outside in the cold weather. Firebox will donate up to 5% to the charity of your choice.

All rates are correct as of publish