Speed up your PC with this free tool from Crucial

The Crucial Scanner is a FREE tool made by the developers at Crucial and it’s essential for those wanting to upgrade their computer, all hassle-free!

Offering of high-quality, award-winning memory products for nearly every system out there, Crucial offers ease of use, a catalogue of advice and array of relevant product information.

So how do you use the tool?

Head to the Crucial site and you should see this message appear…

All you need to do then is read and agree to the terms and conditions and select the checkbox and click the button to download the free Crucial Scanner.

It will take seconds to download – Just double click on the .exe file and choose which browser you wish to open it in e.g. Chrome, Edge or Firefox?


  • It lets you know the amount of memory your motherboard can support
  • It checks to see if your machine is SSD (Solid State Drive) compatible.
  • The tool comes with some handy PDF installation guides, so you know exactly how to upgrade your computer without a hitch.
  • It’s a great way to understand the insights about your computer as well as giving you an easy method of purchasing components that are suitable for your computer.

When building a computer Crucial believes that just by creating a machine that suits you’re every needs and wants, their scanner tool is essential for anyone that wants to upgrade their machine. Understanding what your computer supports is vital this can prevent you from purchasing the wrong items, as well as saving you money.

Simply head over to Give as you Live & shop with Crucial and you’ll raise free funds for your chosen charity!