Spidey Swings into Marvel Movies

Walt Disney and Sony Pictures have come to a shared custody agreement over Spider-Man. The cinema giants have decided to share the cat-suited crusader, paving the way for him to sling his webs right into a new Avengers film.

Insiders reckon that the deal has got a lot to do with the fact that despite hauling in a very reasonable £465 million at the box office, Sony Picture’s last Spidey film, Amazing Spider-Man 2, actually made the least out of all of the five Sony Spider-Man films released so far.


Spider-Man could now swing into Marvel movies such as Thor and Iron Man, and his first screen Avengers outing looks set to be in Captain America: Civil War, which will be released in 2016. It’s the ideal choice given that Spider-Man already features in the story’s comic-book version. There is also another Spider-Man film planned for 2017, which will be co-produced by Marvel with finance from Sony. Now there’s a super collaboration.

To keep the big guns blazing, Kevin Feige, Marvel’s maestro who has been responsible for overseeing the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers Assemble, will now be involved in the creative plans for Spider-Man’s future. He will work beside Amy Pascal, who hit the headlines recently after standing down following a private email leak caused by a cyber-attack.

The news of Spider-Man’s Avengers inclusion has been welcomed by fans, who have wanted to see him feature in Marvel’s big-screen extravaganzas for over a decade. The deal marks a return to the Marvel stable for Spidey, who has always been a part of the company’s comic-book empire. Sony, however, bought the film rights for a reported £4.6 million back in 1999.

Photos: ScreenRant