Start on a Quest for World Domination — By Sitting Up Straight


How many times did you grunt at your mum or raise your eyebrows at your dad when they told you to sit up straight as a child? Well, a few apologies might just be on the cards, as it seems that simply correcting your posture can not only prevent back problems, but it can also increase your motivation, build confidence and lower stress levels.

Start by transforming the way you sit at work. If you normally spend your days slumped over a desk, it is time to get yourself a decent supportive office chair. Who knows, if all the hype is true, you could be running the company by next week.

Confidence and Energy Boost | Research shows that simply sitting up straight can immediately make you feel better about yourself. It can also make other people treat you differently, as it makes you look more confident, alert and focused.

Do you regularly suffer from the mid-afternoon slump, when it feels as if only a targeted raid on the vending machine and coffee pot is going to help you make it to the end of the day? Experts say, however, that simply stretching yourself out and correcting your posture can be enough to give you an energy boost. Research that was published in the Biofeedback journal claims that sitting or standing straight can increase energy levels and also reduce feelings of depression.

De-Stressing Potential | A study recently published in the Health Psychology journal found that simply sitting tall can help you beat stress and deal better with deadlines and workplace demands, whilst at the same time generally lifting your mood. The same piece of research also claims that people who slump generally feel more scared than those who sit tall, and it is medically proven that sitting up straight allows you to take in more air and enjoy plenty of deep, calming breaths.