Stop Cooking to Eat Healthily

Following claims that eating a raw food diet has helped to cure everything from cancer to polycystic ovary syndrome, it should come as no surprise that the movement is growing in popularity.

Of course, it would be a mistake to forego traditional treatment for medical conditions in favour of a plate of crunchy vegetables, but there does seem to be widespread support from nutritionists for a complementary diet made up solely of uncooked foods.

There are now even restaurants tapping into the trend, such as Dubai’s Bestro Live & Raw Food Restaurant, but is this diet right for you if you want to look after your body and manage your weight?


The Pros | The diet is built solely around natural ingredients, meaning that processed foods and junk foods are off the menu. It also banishes sugar and dairy, long accepted as being responsible for a large amount of weight gain when eaten in excess. Meat is also banished, along with the potential for a high intake of saturated fat.

There is no cooking to destroy nutrients and beneficial enzymes, meaning that meals offer the best opportunity to reduce everything from cholesterol to harmful toxins.

The Cons | Raw food can be difficult to digest and can cause problems with excess acid.

It can be difficult to maintain a purely raw diet, and there can be a dependence on nut-based products, which can also cause weight gain if eaten in excess.

There is no cooking to kill off harmful parasites and bacteria, meaning that food poisoning can be a problem if perfect cleanliness is not maintained.

Find out more about the raw revolution by reading Judita Wignall’s book Going Raw: Everything You Need to Start Your Own Raw Food Diet & Lifestyle Revolution at Home, available from Waterstones.