Streaming Site Netflix Signs Sandler Up for Four-Movie Deal

The Netflix attempt at entertainment world domination is continuing apace with the news that not only is the site planning to release its first full-length feature film, but it has also signed a major Hollywood name to produce and star in four new movies.

The streaming site has snared Saturday Night Live’s former star Adam Sandler, who will develop movies for Netflix via his own Happy Madison company. In typical quirky comedic style, bendy-faced Sandler responded to the announcement of his involvement by stating that he said yes straight away to the deal for the simple reason that Netflix and West Chicks. It’s not the funniest joke you will hear this year, this week, or even today, but anyone who has seen Happy Gilmore or The Wedding Singer will know the sort of comic quality that Sandler could bring to the Netflix screen.


Exclusive Viewing | The four films created by Sandler will be available exclusively to Netflix members, and the site believes the involvement of one of the ‘top film stars’ in the world and such a ‘prolific’ and ‘unique’ comic voice can only be good for business.

Sandler, who has just played a cheating husband in Men, Women and Children by Jason Reitman, based on a Chad Kultgen book, also seems excited by the project, calling for the streaming to begin. But then, let’s face it, when does Adam Sandler not seem excited?

The 48-year-old’s former films include Punch-Drunk Love, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Grown Ups and The Waterboy. He is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s best-loved characters, and his appeal is extremely varied. Probably as many kids love him as mums and granddads, both in America and across the world. This appeal was undoubtedly one of the key draws that made Sandler a prime target for Netflix, which now boasts in excess of 50 million subscribers living in more than 40 nations. This is a far cry from the little DVD postal rental service that was founded in 1998.

Further Plans | The streaming site already creates its own original television programmes, including Orange Is the New Black, a popular prison drama, and House of Cards. As well as the Sandler collaboration, it also recently announced that it is to produce its first feature film, a follow-up to smash-hit movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.