Ten Best Playhouses for Kids

If you get a Wendy house for your garden, you can send the kids out to play even when the summer sun fails to appear. There are designs to suit all sizes of gardens and most budgets – and some that will probably make you want to move outdoors yourself. Here are ten of the best.


Kitty 5×4 Playhouse, £236 from B&Q. Get the paint out and decorate this great little playhouse to match the personality of your child. The fairly basic design offers plenty of opportunity for imaginative display, and it’s not so big that you will have to get rid of your own garden furniture if your outside space isn’t that large. The windows open and there is a shady canopy, making it perfect if the sun does decide to come out.

Chad Valley Wendy House, £69.99 from Argos. This pretty pink house is a great bargain option that is perfect for really little girls who may decide they want a more complex option in a few years’ time.


TP321S Playhouse & Slide Set, £279.99 from John Lewis. This playhouse set has plenty for youngsters of varying ages to do, all contained within a relatively small space. There is the slide, a fireman’s pole and room for a sand-pit, along with the house itself.

Spiel Caravan, £534.99 from Dunster House. This one is not strictly a house, but it is so darned cute it just had to be included in the list. Children between the ages of three and ten can take to the highways in their mind whilst enjoying their very own home-from-home complete with its own balcony and a flower box. Best of all, it will look great in your garden, making it the ideal choice if you would rather give your children your own house than look out of your patio doors at a multi-coloured plastic creation every day of the week.


Lodge Playhouse, £1099.99 from ToysRus. If your little prince or princess enjoys the finer things in life, you can’t give them any old house to live in. Whilst the price of the Lodge Playhouse almost makes it eligible for a mortgage, the quality and design (not to mention the look on your youngsters’ faces when they see it for the first time) could make it worth every penny. Along with the twee outside porch, there’s a large downstairs play area and even a room upstairs. Be careful this one doesn’t put your own home in the shade.

Loft Playhouse, £599.99 from Toys ‘R’ Us. Loft living is all the rage, so this playhouse is perfect for your trendy young things. There’s plenty of room inside for them to let their imaginations run wild, and there’s even an upstairs area if they fancy a nap. You might not see them for days if you buy them this.

Children’s Large Wooden Two Floor Dorma Window Wendy House, £652 from The Kids Window. What’s a playhouse without a dorma window? This villa-type two-floor residence certainly wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish of gardens.


The Mad Dash 300 Bunny Tower Playhouse Collection, from £275 at Garden Buildings Direct. Start out with a basic playhouse and slide and then add on an extension for years of fun for children of all ages. Just be careful that your children don’t end up with more social space than you.

Little Tikes Log Cabin Playhouse, £369.99 from Smyths Toys. This is designed to be exactly what it is: a playhouse where children will probably spend hours rolling around, eating messy ice creams and throwing squash up the walls. It’s really robust and can be wiped clean easily. It may not look as quaint as some of the wooden options, but it really is a playhouse designed with children in mind rather than adults who simply want to keep their gardens looking chic.

Shire Salcey Cute Premium Wooden Kids Playhouse, £1049.95 from Gifts for Kids. This little cottage only needs some roses around the door to make it perfect – although you might want to choose a variety without thorns! There’s no painting to finish off and no part that hasn’t been created with precision. This is the ideal choice if you want a playhouse that has undoubtedly been built to last.

Rowlinson Hideaway Playhouse, £779.99 from Argos. A perfect mixture of safety and style, this playhouse also offers a lot of space for the price that you’ll pay.