Tesco Partnership Will Promote Healthy Living

The supermarket giant Tesco has joined forces with the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK in a bid to raise money for the charities and to promote healthy living. It is the first time that Diabetes UK and the BHF have worked together in a bid to prevent both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which have common risk factors, and is a continuation of Tesco’s much-heralded commitment to looking after the health of customers.


The charities are hoping that Tesco’s massive reach into British homes and its food focus will help spread vital messages that can limit occurrences of the diseases and help families live healthier lives. A spokesman for the project said the collaboration would allow a more ‘comprehensive’ approach to spreading the word and add to the hard work already being carried out by the charities in a bid to improve the health of the UK population. Certainly, it may make people think twice before they pick up that second multi-pack of crisps when shopping in a Tesco store, especially if they are made aware of the following scary statistics.

Spread of Diseases | There are around 3.5 million UK people with type 2 diabetes and another 11.5 million who are believed to be at risk. Then there are the seven million people who suffer from heart disease, making up a massive number of people, some of whom could have avoided the problems by eating better and living a healthier lifestyle. Many people do not really want to hear it, but what you eat and how you spend your days really can have an effect on the quality of life you can enjoy and even how long you will live.

The risk of both heart disease and type 2 diabetes can be reduced simply by eating a balanced healthy diet and taking regular exercise. This may sound simple, but figures prove that this is still not happening in many British homes, despite a plethora of guide books, slimming clubs and ready-to-eat foods aimed at making the ‘too busy’ excuse defunct.


New Year’s Resolution | Tesco will start working with suppliers, staff and customers at the start of 2015 as part of its commitment to encourage more people to eat and cook healthy meals. This is part of what the supermarket giant says is a continuing commitment to helping British people on the road to a healthier life through the food that they eat.

The company’s stores already stock a wide range of easy-to-make healthy goods, known as the Healthy Living range, which comply with the firm’s ‘responsibility deal’ with the British government over the salt content in food and contain ‘controlled’ amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.

The BHF’s chief executive, Simon Gillespie, calls the latest partnership ‘ground-breaking’ and believes it is the ideal way of getting the healthy lifestyle message directly to British people. It is certainly no bad thing if you consider the problems the UK is now seeing in terms of lifestyle-related diseases and obesity and, as someone once said, every little helps.