The Best Fitness Trackers for 2015


It used to be quite easy to choose a fitness tracker simply because there weren’t that many around. Not anymore! Gone are the days when it was a choice between just Jawbone and Fitbit. Today’s tracker trend means that it can be a complex business deciding on which one to choose, especially when you’re considering not just what you want it to do but also the technology available. We’ve tried to make your job a little bit easier by compiling this list of top choices to suit a range of different requirements and activities.

If you’re looking for a good overall fitness tracker, you can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Charge HR, £119.99 from Fitbit. Some reviewers have scored the Jawbone UP2 higher, but for sheer versatility the Fitbit offering is hard to beat. It is top of its game when it comes to heart rate monitoring, meaning that the feedback on calorific burn and activity levels is second to none. It’s also really easy to use, making it perfect for the beginner. If, however, you don’t want an all singing and dancing tracker, the Jawbone UP2, £89.95 from Device, is probably the best out there when it comes to getting the basics right. It might not have all the advanced fitness skills capabilities of the Charge HR, but it looks good, is comfortable to wear and tracks activity accurately. What more could you want? There’s also the Jawbone UP3, £129.99 from Jawbone, if you want a little more technological capability, but many of the experts believe that the UP2 is the better value-for-money choice.

If you’re serious about running, the Fitbit Surge, £199.99 from Argos, could be the choice for you. It’s also a good multi-sports option if you like to add a bit of cycling or a gym workout into your exercise regime. It can even keep track of static cardio workouts, something that can outfox many of its competitors. Runners will also like the Moov, which is marketed as a trainer rather than a simple tracker. The little round element is worn around your leg and aims to give you the coaching and information you need to become a better runner.

A really good multi-sports option is the Garmin Vivoactive, £179.79 from PC World. This provides a reliable package of tracking notifications at a very reasonable price. It boasts GPS to track a range of activities and offer live distance and pace information, along with allowing you to access Garmin Connect. If heart-rate tracking is your primary reason for looking to buy a tracker, take a look at the Basis Peak, £169.99 from Amazon. The Peak is not as easy to use as the Charge HR, but it is even more accurate. For swimmers, the Garmin Swim, £92.28 from Handtech, has to go on the shortlist thanks to its monitoring performance, which includes stroke type, number of strokes and the distance covered. It is a top choice for serious swimmers, although more casual hobbyists might prefer the price tag of the Misfit Shine, £59.95 from Device.

The performance of a tracker has got to be the primary consideration, but the top choices will always look good too. The Swarovski Shine collection may not be to everyone’s taste, but it has to be said that it offers a bling factor that is hard to beat. It was unveiled at CES 2015 and is billed as being the ultimate tracker range for stylish women. There’s no doubting that it has plenty of sparkle thanks to its accessories, which include necklaces and bracelets, but its tracking smarts are surprisingly good too. It also comes with a sports strap for when tracking is the primary aim. To make a more sedate style statement, there is the Mondaine Helvetica No.1 Smart, which must be one of the best-looking pieces of wearable tech around. This isn’t one where fashion comes before function, either, as the MotionX tech is actually very good.