The Complete Collection for Halloween


If you feel a bit over the hill for trick-or-treating and you haven’t got kids to drag you around the neighbourhood dressed as a pumpkin, then lock the doors and draw the curtains this All Hallows’ Eve and settle down to watch at least some of the first ever complete collection of Halloween movies.

Keep the treats by your side and indulge yourself with your favourites from the ten-film collection, or watch the cuts and interviews you may never have seen before.

This is a box set that many fans of the iconic film series thought they would never see, largely because the rights are owned by so many different people and companies, but Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory have achieved the ‘impossible’ with a must-see 15-disc Blu-Ray package.

Fans may already have the individual DVDs, but why have silver when you can have gold? This high-definition set is the cream of the crop if you want the ultimate viewing experience and a host of added extras.

Whether your favourite is the 1978 original from John Carpenter or the 2009 Halloween II remake by Rob Zombie, this set has everything that the die-hard fan could need, especially on the spookiest day of the year. Although the chances are that it will take more than just one day to make the most of this horror extravaganza.

Costing almost £100, the Halloween Complete Collection on Blu-Ray is a US import. It’s not the best option for a cheap Halloween date, but it is to die for if you want a film-fest of the movies, along with some brand new features. You can learn more about this most famous of horror franchises and the actors who made the films household names or enjoy a host of cuts, including Halloween II TV versions, a producer’s cut and the theatrical Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

There’s been much talk in recent months about a new Halloween film being on the horizon, supposedly called Halloween: The Next Chapter, but so far nothing has materialised. The anticipation may be killing the Halloween extremists faster than Michael Myer with a knife, but this set should be enough to feed the horror frenzy for another few months at least. Maybe by next Halloween there will be a new chapter to celebrate, but judging by the speed at which things have moved so far, you shouldn’t hold your breath — or anyone else’s, either.