The Eco-Friendly Guide to Christmas Wrapping

On average, we are expected to throw out 108 million rolls of wrapping paper every Christmas in Britain alone. That’s a lot of waste.

But did you know, most wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable? If it contains any dye, foil, plastic, glitter or even leftover sticky tape, it goes straight into landfill.

Thankfully, Give as you Live is on-hand with eco-friendly wrapping ideas to make your Christmas gift-giving planet-friendly.

Theme: Festive but simple

Not only is Brown Paper cheap, it’s easy to make look good with some simple craft ideas.

Use stamps, like these from Hobbycraft, to make each gift unique. Then swap ribbon for coloured twine, like this and add your gift tag! If you shopped for your gift using Give as you Live Online, use one of our gift tags to let your recipient know their gift raised a free donation!

Even better, you can buy everything you need online without spending a lot, and raise FREE donations for the charity of your choice by shopping with Give as you Live Online.

Theme: Modern

If you prefer something a little more modern, why not swap stamps for stars to create this beautiful design?

Swap out your coloured twine for some white string (this one from eBay is £2.20 for 5 metres) and use a craft punch to create the stars – or any other Christmas shape! (Hobbycraft has Christmas tree, snowflake and holly craft punches priced at less than £5 here.) You could use plain card for the stars, or why not recycle some old wrapping paper, magazines or newspaper for a unique look?

Theme: Reusable

When you give a gift in a gift bag or box, as soon as the gift has been removed they’re usually thrown away.

Did you know, you can buy reusable fabric gift bags? Even better, you can get them in a wide range of festive prints! Check out these examples on Etsy. Even better, when you shop via Give as you Live Online you’ll raise a free donation for a charity of your choice as well as supporting a small business.

Theme: Regular but Recycled

If you’re not a fan of the extra effort required to create your own wrap (we don’t blame you – wrapping presents is bad enough as it is!) we have good news! There are options for more eco-friendly wrapping paper with minimal effort. Take a look at these:


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