The ‘Giving Pledge’ – would it work in the UK?

In the US there is an ongoing philanthropy campaign called the ‘Giving Pledge’, which targets the super rich and encourages them to give a substantial amount of their wealth to charity. This pledge has seen success so far, with a total of at least $125bn set to be raised for good causes.

However, would this campaign be as successful in the UK? This is a question The Guardian is asking, as well as who should back the pledge if it was brought to the UK. The results are interesting, with the majority of people thinking either Richard Branson should back it, but many also saying that it just wouldn’t work at all. We were surprised by this result; does it imply that Britain is lacking a moral and social conscience? Or, as we suspect, does this reflect a lack of time or money to raise funds for charities?

When we were developing Give as you Live we had these restrictions in mind. The app empowers everyone to be a philanthropist through their online shopping activities, but without donating their own money. Every individual can raise an average of £75 per year, at no extra cost to themselves

So, If you want to give more to charity this year, but aren’t a billionaire that can join the ‘Giving Pledge’, we suggest you Give as you Live instead.