The Summer holidays begin with top days out, and fun days in!

Me with Lola on holiday in Rhodes.

I love going on days out, and despite my age (24) I still feel like a big kid when visiting the aquarium, zoo, or safari park. I’ll never be too old to enjoy a good family day out.

The summer holidays have officially begun. I’m not a parent myself, but I am an aunt, and my sister is fretting over how she’s going to fill the next six weeks!

I have two nieces: Chloe, who is 6, and Lola, who is 3. I love to spoil them and take them on fun days out. They also enjoy staying in and watching some of their favourite Disney classics with a big bag of popcorn.

It’s hard finding ideas of what to do with the children. Once the favourite places have been visited, you’ve been swimming, been to the cinema, let them have their friends to stay – what next?

1. Junior taster class at Pineapple Studios
Price: £35
Age: 5-17
Location: London
If you’re son or daughter loves to dance, this would be the ultimate day out for them. Pineapple studios are the best in the business, and offer expert tuition. This class lasts for three hours. Book it here. Asda Gifts donate up to 2.5%

2. Inflatable paddling pool
Price: £29.96 *Discounted by 25%*
Age: 8+
Location: At home, on a sunny day
The weather is getting hotter, so why not treat the kids to a new paddling pool? They’ll love playing in it with their friends on sunny days during the holidays.
Buy it here. Prezzy box will donate up to 2.5%.

3. Kids’ spy academy for two
Price £95
Age: 10-16
Location: Milton Keynes
A great day out for any young secret agent. Includes a range of activities including; operating hidden cameras, listening devices, radio equipment, a shoot-out and much more. They will also get a certificate at the end of the day,
Book it here. Virgin Experience days will donate up to 6%.

4. Just Dance 3 (Nintendo Wii Game)
Price: £24.99
Age: Any
Location: At home, on a rainy day
If you have a Nintendo Wii at home, Just Dance is the obvious choice for a rainy day at home with the kids. Buy it here. will donate up to 3%.

5. Charades for kids
Price: £10.99
Age: 4+
Location: At home, on a rainy day
You can’t beat the classics, and charades is fun for the whole family to join in – and will keep the kids occupied for hours.
Buy it here. Argos will donate up to 1.5%.