The top ten best Easter eggs online

Looking for the best Easter eggs for 2013, but happier to order from the comfort of your armchair than brave the high street? From luxury Easter eggs to more “cheap” Easter eggs weighing in at just £5, these Easter eggs by post will have you and your family salivating when it comes to the big day. Get your Easter egg delivery in well before March draws to a close to ensure your chocolate arrives in time. The best thing about ordering online, of course, is that every Easter egg you buy will raise money for your favourite cause.

Booja booja egg1. Best small luxury Easter egg – Booja Booja Banoffee, £11.95

This petite, 37.5g Easter egg is just 9cm long, but it’s a thing of beauty. Hand-made in Kashmir using paper mache with a hand-painted, varnished finish and a ribbon bow, it holds three banoffee chocolate truffles. Booja Booja’s dark chocolate is award-winning, and all Booj Booja chocolate truffles are organic, vegan, dairy and gluten-free.

£11.95 from the Chocolate Trading Co. – donates 3.5% to your cause, buy now

Black forest egg2. Best retro Easter egg – Thorntons black forest gateau, £9.99

Chunky dark chocolate and real cherries make this egg not just a blast-from-the-past, but a sumptuous and indulgent Easter treat. It’s a cool and quirky egg, for someone who likes something a little interesting at Easter. Thorntons has a whole range of eggs with that special touch – and they’re currently three-for-£20, so why not fill your basket with two more?

£9.99 from Thorntons – donates 4% to your cause, buy now

Lindt Easter egg3. Creamiest Easter egg – Heavenly Hazelnut chocolate egg from Lindt, £19.99

We know from all those adverts of continental chocolatiers bent over vats of bubbling, oozing brown stuff that the utmost care goes into every creamy bite. This large, high-quality Belgian milk chocolate Easter egg from Lindt is covered with crunchy hazelnuts and finished with a yellow bow for what they assure is “a gourmet Easter egg experience.”

£19.99 from the Chocolate Trading Co. – donates 3.5% to your cause, buy now

Thorntons continental egg4. Best mid-range luxury Easter egg – Thorntons continental statement egg, £24.99

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but this beautifully-presented Easter egg is the full package.The egg has a milk chocolate shell with praline, soft mousse and truffle enrobed in creamy milk, white and dark chocolate. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a selection of 27 Thorntons Continental chocolates. Mmmmm.

£24.99 from the Thorntons – donates 4% to your cause, buy now

Ostrich Hotel Chocolat egg5. Best giant Easter egg – Hotel Chocolat ostrich egg, £70

The largest Easter egg in our list, this truly enormous giant Easter egg, cast half-and-half in milk and dark chocolate, does indeed look like it was laid by an ostrich. Holds 28 milk and dark chocolates including caramels, velvety smooth pralines, gianduja, truffles and more. Plus six praline-filled hidden Golden Eggs. Wow. One reviewer said: “OMG… has it all… satisfies every taste imaginable.” Yum!

£70, Hotel Chocolat – donates 3.5% to your cause, buy now

Best £5 egg from Tesco6. Best Easter egg for £5 – Chokablok egg from Tesco

A luxuriously thick shell of white chocolate, swirled together with chocolate frosting. Finally, biscuit and chocolate brownie pieces are strewn on this egg to make this a cheap Easter egg that will still make you drool. In fact, Tesco’s Chokablok American Dreamcake Easter egg placed first in a recent tasting competition.

£5, Tesco – £2.50 will be donated for home delivery, for first-time customers only – buy now

Dinosaur Easter egg7. Best Kids’ Easter egg – Chococo Dorset Dinosaur egg from John Lewis, £12

The interior of this amazingly cool milk chocolate egg is studded with mini chocolate dinosaurs and ammonites. A real treat, not just for the precocious palaeontologist in your life: what kid wouldn’t want to crack open a dinosaur egg this Easter?? Award-winning Chococo makes fresh handmade chocolates on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, using local cream, fine chocolate and natural flavours.

£12, John Lewis – donates 1% to your cause, buy now

Green and Black selection egg8. Best Easter selection – Green and Blacks Tasting Collection, £14.99

One 180g, thick-shelled chocolate egg, alongside a collection of two dozen 15g bars. Any Easter egg has to have that generous crack of thick chocolate, and this Green and Blacks egg has just that. The small chocolate bullion-bars, as a luxurious extra, come in a selection of flavours. And they’re perfect to accompany an after-dinner coffee.The ideal gift for a sophisticated grandma or granddad, mother or father, we feel, for a little evening treat.

£14.99, Green and Blacks – donates 2.5% to your cause, buy now

Egg and jelly sweets

9. Best egg for under £5 – Belgian milk chocolate egg with jelly drops from Waitrose, £4

Everybody loves those fried-egg jelly sweets. No packet of Haribo starmix is complete without the bitter feeling that accompanies it when you kindly offer the bag around, only to have some greedy devil snaffle all the ovoid ones. This great egg for the children is bulging at the seams with jelly egg sweets – and it’s not even a fiver.

£4, Waitrose – £2.50 will be donated for home delivery, for first-time customers only – buy now

Harrods luxury Easter egg10. Best luxury brand egg – chocolate brownie and raspberry egg from Harrods, £24.95

If you’re looking for an extra-special treat from the ultimate brand for luxury, this Harrods handmade Easter egg could be the one for you. It’s covered in brownie and raspberry pieces, and looks more than the part for a truly luxurious Easter chocolate fancy. Sweet, sour, sophisticated and delicious.

£24.95, Harrods – donates 4% to your cause, buy now


Easter egg bonus… it’s no yolk: 20 Easter puns we avoided in the making of this blog post

Shelling out… Egg-cellent… Eggs-treme… Eggs-traordinary… Egg-citing… Egg-stravagant… Egg-speriment… Egg-splosive… Egg-static… Eggs-traterrestrial… Eggs-otic… Eggs-actly… Egg-stracted… Eggs-cavate… Eggs-change… Eggs-aggerate… Eggs-haust… Eggs-ham (that one is very testing)… Egg-cel… Egg-cept…

…So apologies for not cracking you up.

The top ten online UK Easter eggs for 2013

And so our search for the perfect gourmet Easter egg for home delivery is over. Or is it? Is there egg on our faces, because we’ve missed the perfect chocolate treat? If you were looking for a large Easter egg, did the ostrich-egg-sized choc meet your needs, or fall short? Large or small, let us know in the comments below about your favourite Easter eggs this year, and we may add it to the list.