Throwing some light on the subject

A particularly dark night in the Worcestershire village!

I am lucky enough to live in a Worcestershire “dark” village. We have no street lights and consequently no night time outside illumination, save for the Moon. It is interesting just how dark, dark can be.

With no moon in mid-winter, I have been unable to see my car from three metres away and had to use the remote key to unlock it and flash the indicators. The upside is that when there are stars, it is breathtakingly beautiful and a great novelty to a lifelong city boy like myself.

After several unfortunate falling over accidents, (in no way related to the other falling over accidents for which the reason was patently nothing to do with the absence of light), I decided to buy a powerful torch, boasting some half million candle power. Although good fun and potentially useful in an air raid as a search light, eight hours charging would just about get you to the pub and half way back. Not an ideal scenario, under the circumstances.

My solution was to abandon my large unwieldy search light in favour of a modern police torch. Barely 13 cms long (about 5 inches in old money) and housing 3 AAA batteries this LED miracle provides a staggering beam of light and lasts 50 hours on one set of batteries. That was all well and good, but definitely not a cheap option.

At least with the search light it was reassuringly heavy, even if it was useless; this cost twice as much and was about a tenth of the size. My underlying meanness was finally overcome by buying the Led Lenser P7 from and using Give as you Live to raise £1 for County Air Ambulance Trust.

We and our friends in the village owe a huge debt to the Air ambulance and every little helps. With Christmas looming and presents too buy, Give as you Live will help us all to raise a little cash for the County Air Ambulance Trust and with any luck the only falling I will be doing will be falling out of favour with the electricity company, now I don’t have to charge up the wretched search light.