Top Ten Parenting Apps

If you’re a parent, you already know how much of a life-saver your phone or tablet can be. Not only can it provide entertainment everywhere, from the car to the doctor’s waiting room, but it also gives you the perfect place to vent about all of your parenting woes in the form of Facebook. There are also lots of apps out there that have been specifically designed to make parenting that little bit easier. Here’s a look at ten of the best.


  1. The iReward chart makes it easy to track your child’s behaviour using criteria set by you, and they get stars for their efforts. It costs £2.49, and it’s available for the Kindle, Windows Phone, Android and the iPhone.
  2. Download My Pregnancy Today for free and you’ll have your own expert guide to see you through all stages of your pregnancy. There’s a kick counter to monitor the baby’s movements, a Bumpie photo tool to record the growth of your burgeoning belly and the chance to connect with lots of other mums-to-be.
  3. If you have more than one phone in the house, you may not need to own a baby monitor. The free Baby Monitor can be left in one room and will send an alert if your little one wakes up. It will even take a picture of the baby if you want it too. It’s especially great if you’re staying away from home for a night or two.
  4. If you’ve ever been stuck out and about with a baby with a nappy that smells worse than week-old kippers, then you’ll see the value of the free NCT Babychange app. It will not only help you to find your nearest changing and feeding facilities, but can also point you in the direction of the best in the area as well.
  5. If the wait for your out-of-hours doctor’s call to be answered seems longer than your pregnancy did, you might want to have a look at the WebMD app. It’s no substitute for your own doctor’s advice, but it can be useful for when the main symptom is your own anxiety rather than anything associated with your child’s health.
  6. The Nighty Night! HD app can help to create a nice calming atmosphere just before bed. Your little ones will enjoy putting the various farmyard animals to bed. They can even turn off their lights – and maybe you will be able to as well. This story app has really nice narration and soothing music that may have your tired eyes drooping too.
  7. If your children are slightly older and are beginning to take an interest in the world around them, National Geographic World Atlas, which costs £1.49, will be an educational and interesting addition to your app collection. It’s packed with facts about everything from local statistics to flag designs, and children can chart where they have been in the world and where else they would like to go.
  8. Write on Pictures is free and is ideal if you’re one of those parents who documents every second of your child’s life or for creative youngsters who will enjoy being able to decorate and add messages to their favourite photos.
  9. My Family Meal Planner Light, which costs £3.16 to download, is a good choice if you struggle to find food that will give your kids the right nutritional balance, but it will also help in your battle to lose that stubborn baby weight. It offers plenty of recipe ideas, along with grocery shopping lists and a bundle of nutritional information and advice.
  10. If you’re sick of your little one calling the first person on your contact’s list, it’s time to download Toddler Lock. It can keep your youngster interested with colourful images and calming sounds, whilst keeping little fingers away from all of your important stuff.

Photo by: Denys Prykhodov