Top Tip: Run for good


Running season is upon us. With countless people taking to the streets and parks to train for their running challenges, why not let them support your charity as they buy their new trainers, running kit or even an iPod to keep them company?

Are you attending the London Marathon Exhibition this week? Come and visit us, we’ll be on Stand 400 with Well Child, who are launching run for good this week, here’s their Run for Good shop.

Run for good brings together the best running products from the brands runners trust that will all raise money for your charity.

Coming soon: Run for Good for all charities
Run for Good pages will soon be available for all Charities. Your support kit will also be updated to include emails for you to share “Run for good’ with your supporters. For more information please contact us.

It’s the perfect add on to any thank your or progress email.

Good luck to all the London Marathon Runners for this Sunday!