What are online shoppers worth?

There are many ways to fundraise, but they’re not all equal.

One-off activities can provide a huge boost, but because they’re unpredictable, it’s difficult to budget around them. When people give regularly, charities can make plans around their finances so they can make the money work harder.

Regular giving

That might sound a bit obvious!

But it’s worth saying, because shopping online with Give as you Live is one way people can generate funds for charity that are regular and recurring. (They’re also unrestricted. Unrestricted funds don’t have any red tape around them, so money can be spent where it’s needed most.)

The idea of regular giving is all well and good – especially if it actually costs you nothing – but how much exactly are Give as you Live shoppers worth?

Top of the shoppers

Taking every single user into account, even people who sign up once and never shop online again, Give as you Live shoppers raise, on average, around £2.10 a month.

But that average is skewed down by people who lose their login details, hardly shop online or have duplicate accounts.

Active shoppers raise even more. Last month shoppers who supported Friends of the Cancer Centre Belfast City averaged the highest value, raising £44.65 per shopper in one month. That scales up to £500 per shopper per year.

July highlights – top shopper value

£50 for every shopper

We’ll be finding out more about some of the charities with the highest shopper values in the next few months. But we believe every shopper can raise their first £50 without changing the way they shop. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Download the Give as you Live app to make sure you’re raising money whenever you shop
  • Log in and tell your friends – we’ll give your charity £5 for every new recruit
  • Keep an eye on our top buys of the week, all promising bumper charity donations
  • Shop with Give as you Live this Christmas – this season’s hottest gifts will raise over £50 alone (we’ll tell you more about that later!)

If you represent a charity, you can take advantage of our £5 for new shoppers offer too. It’s easy to send the message out to your supporters: every charity in the UK can access a personalised online toolkit.

OK, we’ve had our say. We think the two words “regular giving” are very important when it comes to charitable giving, but what two words mean the most to you? Let us know below.