You can now give to charity whilst shopping at Boden

Whilst I was working in a web design company, I realised the enormous potential of the internet to do good. This, partnered with my keen interest in charity giving, pushed me to develop Give as you Live. Whether you download Give as you Live or shop via, you can raise money forany of the UK’s charities through your normal online shopping. The great thing is, you don’t need to give any extra money on top of your purchases, it’s the retailers that make the donation to charity.

As a busy mother myself, I am aware that people want to give to charity, but time and money constraints mean that fundraising isn’t a priority, even though the intention is there. With Give as you Live, you can donate without actively giving your time or money.

We currently have over 1,500 retailers onboard, and this number is growing weekly. I’m thrilled that Boden has become one of the latest to sign up, showing its support for British charities. This now means anything you buy on the site, enables you to give to any UK charity, such as Tommy’s, British Heart Foundation or Dogs Trust.

Give as you Live has the potential to help so many people and really make a difference, and I hope that Boden shoppers get on board!