You Can Put a Price on Organic Food — But Not on Your Health


Cynics will dismiss organic food as a way in for producers and retailers to charge you more. There was undoubtedly an ear-splitting chorus of ‘I told you so’ when a UK Food Standards Agency study found five years ago that there were no major differences in the nutritional benefits of conventional and organic produce.

Maybe these cynical people will be eating their words now, along with their organic veg, after a new piece of research by academics at Newcastle University found that organic farming can actually help to improve your health. The authors claim that this contradicts the UK FSA study because there is new data available and analysis methods are better.

The study found that pesticides can destroy antioxidants in plants, meaning that people who eat conventional crops are less likely to get the same cancer-fighting benefits of organic food. In fact, the research claims to have discovered that organic crops boast around 17 per cent more healthy antioxidants on average, along with 69 per cent more flavanones, which have been linked with a lowered risk of stroke. If, as the figures suggest, the health benefits are so great, maybe it is worth spending an extra pound or two in the supermarket. After all, they do say that you can’t put a price on your health.

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