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About Flor De La Amazonia Group

Charity number: SC040950

Our aims are simple, but the world is a complex place. What we want to do is help the animals, plants and people of the Amazon Rainforest. Flor de la Amazonia Group is a small UK charity working with partners in Ecuador to protect and nurture the precious and endangered flora and fauna of the Amazon Rainforest. Hence our name, which means 'Flower of the Amazon'. Our work here in the UK aims to raise awareness and understanding of the threats faced by animals - poaching, hunting and illegal logging. Abuse and mistreatment. Money raised goes directly to support the development of a new Conservation Centre in our corner of the jungle, 37.5 hectares of protected rainforest where we can provide rehabilitation and the most natural life for rescued animals. And that's not all! We are also actively reforesting our land, planting native trees and replenishing the tired land. We hope to work with local communities to promote sustainable development, and our Conservation Centre will be built with the most sustainable materials available. Here in the UK, we aim to spread the word about the importance of the Amazon to us all. It may be far away, but the Amazon is the lungs of the earth - and even if we don't care about the life that lives there - we need the Amazon.