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Good Energy

Raise up to £25.00

Good Energy have a mission to take the UK to a cleaner, greener future. They supply 100% renewable electricity to individuals and businesses and also generate their own green energy from their wind and solar farms.

Donation rates

Category Rate
New Duel Fuel Customer £25.00
New Single Fuel Customer £15.00

Important information

Donations are only available for new customers.

Donations may only apply to the sale price and not include VAT, delivery and other such costs. Please do not use voucher codes from other websites as this may affect your donation.
Will not be paying out on purchases made for prepayment meters
Not available to customers amending or renewing an existing account.
The Affiliate will receive Commission for each genuine new supply switch to Good Energy, based on current commission rates as notified by Affilinet to you. For any switches, a genuine supply switch is defined as a new customer to Good Energy who has not been supplied by good energy within the last 6 months

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Unfortunately there are currently no offers available for this retailer.

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