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50 Charity Fundraising Ideas

How can you lend fundraising support to your favourite charity, cause, or community project? There are so many options for raising funds, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. At Give as you Live, we’ve seen lots of innovative ideas from fundraisers, so we’ve compiled a list of effective fundraising ideas to help you take that all-important first step.

Ways to raise for charity

Raising money for charity is easiest when you collaborate with others, so who shares your enthusiasm and can be on your fundraising team? It could be family, work colleagues, or a sports team. The Give as you Live team can also help with some ideas if you want to fundraise just through your own efforts

Best ways to fundraise with your kids

Best ways to fundraise at the office

Best ways to fundraise in a sports club

Best ways to fundraise as an individual

Best ways to fundraise with your kids

  • Bake sale: Getting kids involved with some fun baking is a great way to involve them in some creative activity and raise funds. Just make sure you think of the best time and place to sell your wares in the local community, the baking is only half the job!
  • Raffle of old toys: We’ve all seen enough Toy Story movies to know that old toys still need love. Why not find them new homes when the kids have outgrown them and do some good with the proceeds as well?
  • Donations as presents: Some years it’s hard to think of new things to add to the gift list. Making a donation via Give as you Live Donate can be a lovely way to extend the life of a gift, especially for charities that keep you updated about the positive impact your support made.
  • Summer fetes: When the sun is shining, get imaginative with your fete ideas, there are so many things you can do to create a fun atmosphere. Space hopper races, “guess how many sweets in the jar” competitions, wellie-wanging, hook a duck, apple bobbing, beanbag throwing,  tug of war, coconut shy, lucky dip, “guess the weight of the pineapple”, pebble painting… the list is endless!
  • Make and Sell artworks: Artisan products are all the rage so if you have a creative idea that you can get kids involved you can choose any number of fun design ideas to create valuable products that people will happily buy to raise a donation. You can even use Give as you Live Donate’s fundraising pages to collect donations and add updates about what has sold!
  • Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt combines all the ingredients of a great fundraising campaign: challenging clues, unique destinations, hidden objects, and the fun of competition. Have participants register as teams or individuals, either by paying a competition fee or raising a certain amount on a fundraising page to qualify.

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  • Talent Show: Kids love to show off their skills and organising a talent show is a great way to capture an audience and fundraise at the same time. If the skills are transferable, you could even add an auction element to the night!
  • Viral Video Challenge: The TikTok generation will love this as a fundraising challenge, and we’ve seen from the Ice Bucket challenge how these things can take off! Just make sure you choose a theme that is simple and universal so as many people can get involved as possible.
  • Face Painting: If you’re a parent with some artistic talent, then you’re sure to have a plentiful supply of willing participants amongst kids in the community for some face-painting fun in return for a small parental donation to your chosen cause.
  • Local Car Wash: Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the car wash fundraiser? Make a difference with nothing more than some soap, water hoses, towels, buckets, and willing hands. Top tip: Have enough people to complete each wash swiftly. Although people want to offer support, they may not wait 20 minutes for a car wash. And have a plan B in case of bad weather.
  • Gift-wrapping service: Another simple, creative service that kids can easily complete is a gift-wrapping service. It’s not just for Christmas, it can work well for Valentine’s Day, Easter or on-demand for birthdays if you can spread the word far enough! Just get your gift-givers to make a donation to your fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate – you could leave it open for a whole year to see how much you can raise across all seasons.
  • Sponsored quiz night: For a kids’ quiz night fundraiser, just ensure you pick topics that they can excel at. They can be impatient with general knowledge, but pop music or Disney movies tend to keep them entertained!

Best ways to fundraise at the office

  • Lunchtime Quizzes: Fundraising that can fit within the working day are always more achievable. Organising a quiz during lunch hour in the office is quick and easy, with the glory of bragging rights enough to get colleagues to put in a small entry fee per person for you to donate. Once collected, pay your donations online!
  • Dress Down Days: We all love the occasional day of skipping ironing a blouse or shirt and just heading into work in a t-shirt. Why not have people make a small financial contribution for the privilege?
  • Donate Your Coffee Money: Coffee is essential to start the day for some people, but there is such a thing as too much caffeine. Having a day where people either try going without or just have one less than normal, frees up funds to make a difference. You could set up an office fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate for your colleagues to donate their coffee money to, and they could even donate an extra 25% for free by adding Gift Aid!
  • Silent Auction: Take away the need for an auctioneer and create an intriguing event using a silent auction format. They have the advantage of being great social events and allow those who don’t wish to be the centre of attention to be involved, helping you raise even more!
  • Christmas Jumper Competition: The ultimate seasonal version of dress down day, with a competitive twist. Every year the sheer variety of Christmas jumpers never ceases to amaze, so why not generate a donation for a chance to show the world your craziest knitwear? It’s not like you get that many chances per year!
  • Karaoke Night: Have a karaoke machine, that will fundraise! Some people might take a little encouragement to show off their vocal skills, but when you’re in a team environment you can usually win enough people over to make this very worthwhile. Come on, Eileen!
  • Swear Box: In some offices, this could be especially lucrative! Turn a change of culture from feeling like a punishment to something with a positive connotation by introducing a minor financial contribution for those verbal indiscretions you could do without!
  • Car Share: Help the environment and your favourite cause! Car sharing saves a huge amount of money, easily enough to generate a worthwhile donation amount over time. It just needs the seed of the idea planted for those who are close to each other.
  • Matched Donations: Whatever fundraising activity you do as a team of employees, make sure the bosses play their part too! Fundraising is such a good teambuilding exercise that getting the firm to match the donations you raise should be money well spent.
  • Community Project Team Building: There is great value in offering your services as a team to local businesses or the community to get involved in projects as part of a team-building day and exchange some hard work for contributions!

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  • Office DJ day: Settle the arguments about who gets to control the office tunes by auctioning the rights to who gets to inflict their favourite playlist on the team that day!
  • Jargon Bingo: Turn the banality of business buzzwords into an exciting fundraising game. Create some simple bingo cards with those phrases everyone loves to hate, and meetings will never be boring again!
  • Bake-off competition: Don’t just talk about last night’s Bake Off, hold your own version! An office can never have too many treats to try and who knows what hidden foodie talents might be lurking in your team.

EXTRA: Encourage your colleagues to order their ingredients online to raise extra donations via Give as you Live Online.

Best ways to fundraise in a sports club

  • Kids vs Parents: Getting parents involved in some light-hearted generational rivalry as a special one-off event is a great way to generate funds and get everyone involved in your club’s activities.
  • Club Disco: Planning a club disco brings everyone together and allows you to invite others from the community to a social event and introduce them to what you do.
  • Sponsored Car Wash: A great teambuilding exercise or a valuable add-on from volunteers for those who drove to watch the match, take advantage of your facilities to offer the service while they enjoy the game in exchange for a donation to your fundraising page on Give as you Live Donate.
  • Movie Night: If you have a decent size screen in the clubhouse, why not put it to use with a movie night? Auction the choice of film off to the highest bidder!
  • Picnic Auction: Create an enhanced matchday experience for your supporters by offering a deluxe matchday picnic option. You might not have an executive box, but you can still create a luxury experience to enjoy!

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  • Matchday bake sale: Who doesn’t love a half-time pie at the game? Get any talented bakers in your squad’s families to contribute some homemade delights and your matchday supporters will be very happy!
  • Branded Merchandise: Create special limited-edition kits or club shirts to mark a great season, a cup win or a club anniversary and use one-off merchandise sales to boost your funds.
  • Fines Jar: Club discipline is important so, for any transgressors, you can improve your team culture, your fundraising and keep your team ethic strong!
  • Social photo challenge: Give your supporters a chance to get involved with photo challenges for a small entry fee. Create categories for best action moment, best celebration, and best comedy moment, and use the power of social media to promote and distribute the best entries.
  • BBQ night: Summer social events are always better with a burger or hotdog. Get the community involved by hosting a BBQ night after a fixture, when appetites are especially strong!

EXTRA: Don’t forget those free donations from Give as you Live Online – order your meat, buns and more to be delivered and your chosen store will donate to your charity!

  • Equipment sale: If you have a kit which is still usable but you don’t need, make sure you take the opportunity to sell it on with a decent discount, it’ll come in handy for someone to just play a back garden game at home!
  • Coaching sessions: Bring the skills you practice to the wider community and get new people involved by offering special coaching sessions for those who want to brush up on their technique.
  • Signed Giveaways: Get the team to sign the cup final ball, the bat that scored the winning run or any other significant memento of a great team moment. They make great end-of-season raffle prizes – just collect the winning bids via a Give as you Live Donate fundraising page!

Best ways to fundraise as an individual

  • Raise by gaming: Fundraising via video game streaming is becoming very popular, made easy by new dedicated web platforms such as Twitch. The key is involving popular games like Minecraft or Fortnite that have loyal fanbases. Give as you Live Donate have plenty of gaming fundraisers, inspo here.
  • Sponsored Walks: Technology has made sponsored walks something anyone can do anytime. Using an app like Strava allows you to walk solo and record proof of your achievement without needing others to verify for you. Captain Tom proved it doesn’t have to be about huge distances, it’s just about inspiring people. You can even link your Strava to your Give as you Live Donate fundraising page to automatically update your supporters!
  • Art project: Creating your own art for charitable auction can be enormously valuable to the causes your support. Paint, sculpt, draw; whatever your artistic medium, you can create difference-making works to raise funds with your talent.
  • Online challenges: Great ideas can be amplified into online viral challenges with a simple hashtag, even by an individual. It could be an activity, a game you invented. If you can explain it memorably, someone somewhere will share your enthusiasm.
  • Birthday gift fundraiser: Turn your special day into an occasion to give. With a birthday fundraiser, you invite your friends to make a donation to your fundraising page that matches your age or birth date in place of a gift. Social platforms now make this really easy to set up and who is going to say not to you on your special day?
  • Craft-making: Whether you’re a knitter, a photographer or a model-maker, there are so many ways to turn the hobbies we love into fundraising opportunities. Take advantage of local markets or events to find an audience for your creations.

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  • Good deeds: As the saying goes, “The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention”. So whatever small things you can do in your community, don’t be afraid to offer your time to fundraise in any way you can. It all helps.
  • Garden produce: If you’re green-fingered, why not put those skills to fundraising use. An honesty box at the front gate for flowers or fresh vegetables is a simple way to offer the fruits of your labours to the community for a contribution to your cause.
  • Webinars: Fundraising doesn’t always have to be active, passing on knowledge and inspiration is just as valuable. With software now making it easy to host and sell tickets for online talks and presentations, there is a world of subjects you can introduce people to in return for a donation.
  • Shopping: Using your everyday shopping to raise funds from retailers in return for your custom is what Give as you Live Online is all about. It’s free and simple, so make sure your purchases are doing some good for your favourite cause.
  • Dog walking: If you have some spare time and neighbours with busy lives, there is a natural opportunity to provide a valuable service as a fundraiser.
  • Emails and letters: Sometimes it’s as simple as just getting in touch and asking a question. If you have time to drop a line to a local business to ask them for a contribution to a local cause you think they might be interested in supporting, that might be all it takes.

What is Give as you Live Online?

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